Building Leadership Capabilities – What are the gaps and building these capacities based on Mindshop’s 5 phases

This blog is the latest in our Mindshop Business Leader Insight series, aims to help you identify areas of growth when it comes to leadership capability. As expected, every leader is at a different stage…

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Insights 4, 5 and 6 from Mindshop – Invest in leadership & coaching, thriving’ strategy and vision for 2022 and don’t lose sight of what makes you profitable

This week we continue to unpack the six key insights from Mindshop’s Business Leader Insight Report. Insights four to six cover investing in leadership and coaching capabilities, creating a thriving strategy and vision for 2022, and focusing on what…

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How to Use Your Reset Plan to Address Emerging Insights – Mindshop Business Leader Insights

There’s quite a bit to get into with the key insights from Mindshop’s Business Leader Insights Report, and so we’ve split the six insights in half for a post each. In this third post analysing Mindshop’s Business Leader Insights…

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Why You Need to Reset for 2022 – Mindshop Business Leader Insights

In the next chapter of Mindshop’s Business Leader Insights Report for 2022, businesses were surveyed in reflection of 2021 to find out what the most successful approaches were and what that means for recharting for 2022.

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Resetting for 2022; the Key to Success – Mindshop Business Leader Insights Report

Our friends at Mindshop have put together their annual Business Leader Insights Report with the key takeaway for business success this year being the ‘reset’. Resetting and re-charting your path to success for 2022 based on…

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