Mindshop is one of the world’s leading providers of support solutions to business advisors and leaders. Mindshop’s goal is to simplify the complex in business and assist people to achieve success.
Mindshop supports over 1,000 advisors and business leaders globally, and provides WK with 100’s of tools, training and support to help us build and grow a successful advisory business. These tools allow us to focus on specific areas of a business, including;
• People
• Systems
• Implement
• Strategy
• Profit
• Leadership
• Innovation
• Marketing
• Sales
• Technology

Our philosophy – Why we’re different

Since moving to a 100% cloud-based philosophy, Mindshop has proved a vital partner for WK Strawbridge. Thanks to their help, we are able to provide high-level advisory services to clients and make a tangible difference to their business.

What we do

1. Facilitate rather than consult
2. Tailor our approach to achieve specific goals
3. Focus on root causes rather than symptoms
4. 90-day plans to drive 3 key strategies
5. Discuss your level of ‘Change readiness’
6. Educate you on the tools we use, so you can accelerate change even when we’re not present
7. Don’t pay us for the plan, pay us for the implementation
8. Leveraging innovative, blended learning 
technologies to support each engagement
Our process deals with both the short (now) and long term (where) focus of your business. A key focus on either short term or long term objective will not yield sustainable results, which is why our dual process is so important. We facilitate a practical session to identify key strategies, clarify vision and guide the implementation and prioritisation of actions.