This blog is the latest in our Mindshop Business Leader Insight series, aims to help you identify areas of growth when it comes to leadership capability.

As expected, every leader is at a different stage of their business journey, each with unique strengths and diverse goals for 2022 and beyond. For many business leaders, structured learning or upskilling has taken a backseat over the past few years as they instead focus on staying afloat in a rapidly changing business world. 

In 2022, we recommend taking a fresh look at your business leadership capabilities, identifying gaps in those capabilities and planning for learning that will help you to fill those gaps.

The Mindshop Business Leader Insights Report was written following a survey of more than 200 business leaders, and sets about six reflection areas for you to consider when it comes to your leadership capabilities, on page 17.

Broadly, they include reflecting on areas to reskill or unlearn bad habits, identify desirable traits in your peers in which to strive for, setting learning goals tied to performance goals, building bite-sized learning habits by setting aside just 20-30 minutes a day for learning, keeping yourself accountable by working alongside peers or a coach, and involving yourself in a like-minded peer group.

Mindshop also set out five phases of leadership that business leaders should consider when looking into their options for building capabilities to high-performance phase. They include:

  1. Individual: The foundational skills phase for individuals seeking to build better leadership & problem-solving behaviours.
  2. Manager: The team builder phase for those who manage a high performing team effectively. Can drive implementation and change well.
  3. Coach: The coach/mentor phase for those who coach and develop their team for high performance. Leads by example.
  4. Leader: For the strategist; a strong leader who can develop and implement strategies effectively.
  5. Role Model: For the visionary leader who guides the future direction of the business and acts as a role model for other leaders.

It is important to note that it is not necessary to strive to be all of these things at once. Start by identifying which phase level you want to work toward first, and put actionable steps in place that you believe will help you to get there. 

Working alongside a WK Advisor can provide you with the support you need on your upskilling journey, someone who can keep you accountable and align your personal learning goals with your broader business performance goals.

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