Wage Subsidy – Round 3

Yesterday it was announced that there will be a third round of wage subsidy.  This will apply for revenue drops of 40% or more for the period 14 September to 27 September but only if the revenue loss is a result of Level 3 or 4 in Auckland.  In other words, it will not apply to businesses who are being severely impacted by Level 2 (hospitality, tourism etc).  However, it could apply to businesses that can show a loss through their customer base being in or from Auckland, or supply chain issues caused by Alert Level Restrictions applying in Auckland.

Applications will open 9am this Friday.  At this stage, no major eligibility changes have been signalled.  However, full details will not be known until Friday.

The targeted nature of this third round is disappointing for businesses outside of Auckland that continue to be heavily impacted by Level 2 restrictions.  These kinds of businesses are suffering because of over-cautious Government policy and very few options for mitigating their losses.  

Wage Subsidy – Round 2 closing date reminder

The second round of the Wage subsidy, which applies for revenue declines for the period 31 August 2021 to 13 September 2021, will close 11:59pm on Thursday the 16th of August 2021.

RSP round 2 

Applications for a second payment of the Resurgence Support Payment or RSP will open 8am this Friday.  This applies to revenue declines of 30% for a 7-day period starting on or after the 8th of September 2021.  

The applications for this will remain open until one month after all of NZ is at level 2.