Finally, the New Zealand Government has announced a second round of Resurgence Support Payments (“RSP”).  

To qualify a business will need to have suffered a 30% turnover drop for a 7-day period beginning 8 September compared to a typical 7-day period in the 6 weeks before 17 August 2021.  

The full detail has not been published yet, but it has been confirmed that the amount of the RSP will be calculated in the same manner as prior RSP payments.  We expect the other terms and conditions will be the same or broadly similar, but we will confirm any major changes in due course.

Applications open 8am on the 17th of September.  Businesses that have already received a RSP payment for the period 17 August 2021 to 8 September 2021 will be eligible to apply again.

Please see the IRD update for further information.

We are glad that a second round of the RSP has been announced.  However, our view is that this should have been done two weeks ago.