From day-to-day business support through to high-level advisory, WK Strawbridge has provided Nelson Tile and Slate Centre with the ability to strike a balance between family and business, while confidently planning for the future.

Nelson Tile and Slate Centre is Nelson’s longest-serving and highly respected tile company, providing enduring design advice with high-quality products and the latest industry innovations as well as an excellent tile laying service.

Brent and Trudie Wright established the business in 1992 and began working with WK Strawbridge  in 2015. 

Trudie Wright says over the years WK Strawbridge has become their “advisor for everything”, with her expert advice and practical solutions giving them confidence and assurance they are headed in the right direction.

“WK Strawbridge manages our business books and Family Trust along with giving us personal advice,” Trudie says.

“Because she has oversight of everything, she has been invaluable in bouncing ideas off and creating some very clear strategies to support us in getting to where we want to be with the business and our personal finances.”

WK Strawbridge assists Brent and Trudie with everything from day-to-day business and accounting support through to more complex financial management and business strategy, including future planning.

“Brent and Trudie are extremely adept business people, who have great cash flow management skills,” 

“As their trusted business partner, I’m able to provide them with expert advice, based on the most up-to-date information and a whole raft of business tools and resources to support them in achieving their business goals.”

WK Strawbridge has recently been working with the couple on future planning. In a series of planning sessions, together they looked at their wealth accumulation and identified ways to manage their assets to ensure their financial security during retirement. 

However, this plan has since been put on hold due to the uncertainty caused by COVID-19.

Always quick to adapt, WK Strawbridge has been “very useful” through what has been an extremely challenging time, Trudie says.

“She’s had some great ideas for assisting us at little cost,” she says.

“Ensuring the business has adequate cash flow to get through the next few months when sales might be down, has certainly taken the stress out of what has been an extremely challenging time.”