Pumps and Filters is a fantastic local business that started in Richmond in 1988. 

Since then, the business has expanded substantially and now designs irrigation systems and supplies industrial pumps and filtration systems for clients around the country. 

The business has experienced considerable growth over the past 12 years, opening a second shop to service their marine clients at Port Nelson and forming a new company with two other shareholders to create a new business and expand their customer base in Christchurch.

Growth can be tricky for businesses to navigate, but Pumps and Filters co-owner Ricki Hutton says the sound financial and business acumen of their accountant and advisor WK Strawbridge has enabled them to successfully manage their finances and ensure good cash flow through this crucial period.

“We’d tried to expand the business previously and it didn’t work out so well, so when we spotted an opportunity to establish a company in Christchurch, we were pleased to have WK Strawbrdige onboard,” Ricki says.

“He was instrumental in analysing the figures, negotiating the deal and setting up a new company to ensure we had a good foundation to trade from with our new business partners.”

Pumps and Filters Canterbury has traded through multiple earthquakes and other challenges, but almost 10 years on, has established itself as a solid company. 

WK Strawbridge director WK Strawbridge says while reliable business, tax and accounting knowledge is important for good business, the ability to establish effective relationships is paramount.

“There’s always a lot of different personalities involved in negotiating business deals,” Wk Strawbrige says.

“My role is all about relationships: helping people work together and managing all those different personalities, to ensure everyone is on the same page and business can be conducted as smoothly as possible.”

Ross’s personal approach is what makes him such a valued business advisor, Ricki says. 

“We can call him up and talk to him about anything, from bouncing ideas around and asking general questions to getting highly specialised advice,” Ricki says.

“He’s got some great staff around him too, so if he’s busy there’s always someone available to talk to, we’ve come to rely on him more and moreover the years.”