There is a direct correlation between businesses that have well defined and recorded strategic plans and increased profits.
WK Strawbridge are experts at creating financial budgets to help businesses across many different industries.
Whether we use one of the modern cloud-based forecasting tools (typically suited to more simple budgets) or customise a full Excel-based budget for your specific objectives, we have the expertise and templates available.

How we deliver

Our budgeting process involves a number of steps to ensure the financial budgets and forecasts result in an accurate assessment of your future profits.  The budgeting process is more than taking last years results and adding 5%.  Our process includes:

  • Analysing results for the last three years to identify trends to build into the budgets
  • Comparison of KPIs against industry benchmarks
  • Creation of a customised budgeting solution
  • Meeting to discuss your business strategy and to ensure potential financial impacts are built into the budgets
  • Stress testing meeting to ensure robust decisions are being made
  • Liaison with key stakeholders where required
  • Sign off meeting to agree on the final budget

If required, the budget will be updated (a forecast created) as changes in your business environment impact the assumptions made in the budget.