WK Strawbridge Advisors and Accountants are excited to announce that we are now a Xero Platinum Partner! 

Xero provides beautiful accounting software for small businesses that works anywhere you do. Xero’s online accounting software means you can automate everyday business tasks, get up-to-date financials and run your business – from wherever you are. 

Our friends over the hill at WK Advisors and Accountants Marlborough have been a Xero Partner for many years now. After hearing of their success with Xero, being named Platinum Partner of the Year twice, and how much their clients love Xero’s easy-to-use software we’ve decided it’s our turn to jump on the Xero train and become the Xero experts in Nelson!

“We are thrilled to have become a Xero Platinum Partner. The past year has reinforced how crucial it is that business owners, and their advisors, have live and accurate financial information at their fingertips. Business and the environment in which we operate is moving more quickly than ever. Tools like Xero are instrumental in well-informed decision making.” Says Amy Martin, WK Strawbridge Director.

Here are some of the benefits of Xero that can help our clients run their business more efficiently & easier.

Save time with automatic bank transfer imports.

Xero automatically imports and handles your bookkeeping information, making it quicker and easier for you to reconcile your transactions.

A central location for all your numbers.

With all your data securely stored in one area you’ll be able to get an understanding of your business’s full financial picture. 

Customisation to suit your needs.

From payroll and project profit tracking to third-party add-ons like Shopify and Stripe. Keep everything in one place with Xero’s app marketplace.

Collaborate without leaving your seat.

Invite your WK Strawbridge Advisor into your Xero account to work with you and access the same up-to-date information, all in real time.

Fully online, anytime, anywhere, from any device.

You can use Xero anywhere, giving you full access to your financial information, invoices, and payroll and your fingertips.

“What we are really excited about for our clients is the Xero add-on ecosystem. Across all WK offices, we are developing some in-depth knowledge of a wide range of these systems from scoping and implementation to day-to-day use. There are some powerful tools available for all areas of business and all industries that will take Xero to the next level.”

Get in touch with your WK Strawbridge advisor to learn more about how your business can benefit from using Xero.