Last Month, WK Strawbridge Senior Advisor, Daniel Bullock, participated in the annual Triple Peaks Hawkes Bay Challenge – just in time for level two! 

The event raises money to help with purchasing more native trees for the ‘Sleeping Giant’ – Te Mata Park to aid in their re-vegetation program. Each entry provides funds for one tree to be planted on the exact land which they race. Participants of the Triple Peaks Challenge can choose whether to bike, run, or walk the rugged scenery. 

Daniel took part in the Two Peak Tiki Tour track, running 37km through Mt Erin and Mt Kahuranaki. It was Daniel’s first time competing in the Triple Peaks Challenge. He decided to take part in the Challenge as his partner, who is from the area, had competed in a previous year and wanted to participate again. Unfortunately, she twisted her knee part way through and was unable to continue. 

View of ‘where to go next’ from Mt Erin, straight down across the light coloured hills in the foreground, across the river, then onwards to Mt Kahuranaki.

Daniel came fourth in his age group. He didn’t do as well as he had hoped due to twisting his ankle on the second hill and having to walk the rest of the track. Without the injury, he believes he could have placed second.

Daniel has been running for 10 years, he loves running because it allows him to go out and explore new parts of the country that you wouldn’t usually be able to see. Much of the Triple Peaks course was on private land and Daniel often found himself stopping to look around and thinking “wow – you can’t see this on a regular day!”.

With the current covid restrictions providing no options to go abroad this year, Daniel has made it his goal to make the most out of time in New Zealand. He plans to do more running in the North Island later this year, exploring places he hasn’t seen before. 

Despite the injuries, Daniel thoroughly enjoyed the event. He would do it again (hopefully injury-free this time!) and recommends it to anybody looking for a challenge.

Other competitors going through the aid station