Mindshop’s Business Leader Insights Report for 2022 has given us a lot of food for thought when it comes to moving forward in a changing business landscape. 

As we continue our series of blogs to help you understand Mindshop’s findings, and action their business reset tips, we move into strategies for recharting success.

Mindshop has referred back to a 2021 report, Navigating the Road Forward to provide business leaders with help implementing these strategies. The report covers four key action areas: People, Growth, Capacity and Implementation.

Our previous blog touched on establishing a thriving vision and strategy for 2022 and beyond that allows your business to adapt to a changing business landscape while not losing sight of what makes it profitable. 

We recommended leaning on your WK advisor for help with this process, but the following information from the Mindshop Insights Report is a good starting point.

Concentrating on four key areas: People, Growth, Capacity and Implementation, you must first ask yourself two questions in relation to your business: 

Q1: What is holding you back from successfully driving change? Do you see your barriers as people people-related, or due to poor systems, processes or level of waste that hinder your ability to implement change?

Q2: What is holding you back from achieving growth goals?
Is there a lack of capacity, or an absence of growth opportunities that prevents you from working toward these goals?

The matrix below is a heavily simplified summary of some of the areas and action points touched on in Mindshop’s 2021 Navigating the Way Forward paper. Using it as a starting point, figure out which quadrant you might need to focus on to action meaningful change for your business in 2022 and beyond. 

For example, if you answered ‘people’ for Q1, and ‘capacity’ for Q2, we suggest concentrating on strategies in the top left quadrant. 

To further help you with your reset, Mindshop has set out 8 Steps to Recharting 2022, detailed fully on page 19 of their Business Leader Insights Report.

It advises business leaders to:
  1. Embrace a growth mindset: pick a theme for your business in 2022 to drive greater success and identify what you’ll do differently to improve yourself.
  2. Free up 30% of time to get traction: improve capacity by delegating, parting ways with low-value clients, moving on poor team performers, reviewing your work-life balance, saying no to things that don’t light you or your business up and/or conducting a SWOT.
  3. Set now, where and three reset goals for the business in 2022.
  4. Do a 2022 SWOT on the business.
  5. List the top five reset strategies for 2022: pick your focus, make sure one of the strategies frees up 30% of your time, and ensure another strategy addresses building leadership capabilities.
  6. Lift your probability of change success.
  7. Develop a 2022 reset one-page plan.
  8. Make the most of leveraging Mindshop: Work with your WK Advisor to find out how Mindshop may be able to benefit your business. 

Once you have identified your potential problem area/s using the matrix, you may well have some ideas of your own that you could begin working on to bring about change for your business, with help from the eight steps above.

What small steps can you take today to begin rectifying those problem areas? 

Is this something you can implement on your own? If not, we can’t recommend reaching out to your WK Advisor enough.

We have the knowledge and expertise, as well as an impartial eye to help you identify key resources, strategies, and any potential barriers to helping you make change. Ultimately, we can help you put an actionable plan into place for 2022.