WKIQ Expands Reach with Launch in Nelson

We’re excited to announce that WKIQ by WK Strawbridge Advisors & Accountants is coming to Nelson. This move reflects our commitment to empowering more New Zealand businesses with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive.

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2023 New Zealand General Election – Let the electioneering begin…

Today we had the first notable tax policy announcement in the lead-up to the 14 October General Election.  Although, today’s announcement did not appear planned.  Prime Minister, Chris Hipkins, was seemingly backed into a corner after poor polling and ruled…

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The way BNZ bank feeds connect to Xero is changing

The way BNZ bank feeds connect to Xero is changing BNZ is revamping its Xero bank feeds to simplify the setup process and enhance access to transaction data. Consequently, if you’re a BNZ customer, you’ll need to…

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Primary Sector Conference 2023

Casey Gousmett from our office and Emma Pilcher from WK Blenheim recently attended the annual Primary Sector Conference held in Christchurch. The Primary Sector Conference 2023 was designed for rural accounting practitioners working with…

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New Zealand Budget 2023 – No Frills? or Blow-out?

Budget 2023 has been dubbed as the “No Frills Budget” by the Government.   The opposition are already dubbing it the “Blow-out Budget”. Given that inflation is at levels unseen in New Zealand for a generation, the messaging around the…

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FBT – the forgotten and especially unloved tax 

People generally are not overly enthusiastic about filing and paying taxes.  However, businesses seem to reserve a special disdain for fringe benefit tax or FBT.  FBT is seen as overly complex and difficult to comply with compared to other taxes.

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New Zealand Budget 2022 – Reserve bank and the Government on a collision course

Yesterday was Budget Day and, as expected, the Government offered up some shiny trinkets in the form of large increases to health spending and a modest package to address the cost of living squeeze.  However, make no mistakes, yesterday’s budget…

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Insights 4, 5 and 6 from Mindshop – Invest in leadership & coaching, thriving’ strategy and vision for 2022 and don’t lose sight of what makes you profitable

This week we continue to unpack the six key insights from Mindshop’s Business Leader Insight Report. Insights four to six cover investing in leadership and coaching capabilities, creating a thriving strategy and vision for 2022, and focusing on what…

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Recharting Success and the 8 Steps for Recharting 2022

Mindshop’s Business Leader Insights Report for 2022 has given us a lot of food for thought when it comes to moving forward in a changing business landscape.  As we continue our series of blogs to help you understand Mindshop’s findings,…

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