WK How To: Reconcile Prepayments Received

There may be an instance when you receive a prepayment on a job before you have sent out an invoice. These instructions will show you how this can be treated in Xero.  Please note: the GST treatment of prepayments is…

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WK How To: Reconcile a Cash Refund

When you have a credit note that is physically being refunded, you will find when payment is made (or received) the credit entered in invoices (or bills) won’t come up in a find & match search in the reconciliation screen.

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WK How To: Set up a Batch Payment

Batch payments allow you to group together payments and export the details to a file that be uploaded to your online banking. This avoids you entering payment details directly into the bank, saving you time. We note it is worth…

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WK How To: Reconcile a Bank Transfer between accounts

Start on the reconcile screen in one of the bank accounts. Select “Transfer.” If you have more than two bank accounts in Xero you will also need to select the appropriate bank account.  Press OK.  Go to the reconciling page…

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WK How To: Enter Credit Notes

Options 1 – Create credit note from Invoice or Bill Click into the invoice or bill you want to credit. Under the Options drop down select Add Credit Note. If only part of the invoice or bill is being credited…

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WK How To: Set up Automatic Invoice Reminders

Invoice reminders can be set up to send out automatically. This can be to either remind customers that an invoice payment is coming up, or that an invoice is overdue. As Xero only recognises that an invoice is paid once…

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WK How To: Reconcile Overpayments

First click on find & match of the bank transaction received or paid Second select the invoice that is being paid  Select “New Transaction” and “Receive Money” or “Spend Money” depending on whether it is a payment you have made…

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