Eleven local businesses took part in ANZ’s Super Rugby Restart predictions competition in 2020.

After the original tournament became defunct following the nationwide lockdown, a new tournament was set up for Super Rugby Aotearoa and Super Rugby AU matches running from July through to September.

Points were awarded for predicting the correct team to win in individual matches, with bonus points awarded for being within 5pts of the actual margin of victory if your team won and also for being the closest prediction to the actual margin of victory.

WK Strawbridge held the lead from the mid-point of the competition, but despite being hunted down by 3 teams in the last few rounds, held on to seal victory following the Super Rugby AU Final.

The team comprised of Ross Strawbridge, Dan Bullock, Erin Musgrove, Matthew Stacey, Lezanne Notley and Robert Learmonth.

Commenting on the victory, Erin stated the win was ‘not bad for a team who is half full of those who don’t know what they’re doing!’

Erin from WKS was presented with the competition trophy by a representative from ANZ Bank, with the reward of Morning Tea for employees of the firm.

Erin being presented with the competition trophy from ANZ Bank representative.