Daniel joined the WK Strawbridge team in 2019, bringing with him significant experience in general accounting, taxation, GST and financial auditing. 

He started out in accounting in the United Kingdom in 2007. Since then Daniel has gained his Chartered Accountant qualifications and considerable audit experience in the UK, working with companies with turnover between $150,000 and $150m. 

Daniel, who is Xero certified, has seen the industry change dramatically with the advent of cloud-based accounting. With handy features including automatic bank account feeds, up-to-date figures and standard business and management reporting, Daniel has seen the way Xero has allowed accountants and their clients to focus more on strategy and big picture thinking than data input. 

The self-confessed sports nut enjoys most sports, including motorsport (particularly Formula One), and is a loyal fan of McLaren, Arsenal and the Hurricanes.

He loves how accessible the outdoors is in Nelson and keeps himself active and healthy by running, going to the gym and getting outdoors as much as he can.